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Painting Contractors and Decorative Finishing Professionals:

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Welcome to the Faux Effects® faux painting and decorative finishing site. Here you can find information on faux finishing products, faux and decorative finishing classes, contact our professional studios and retail locations offering products and workshops, purchase faux finishing products and supplies online, or access our on-line technical support.
A Fresh Approach

Manufactured by Faux Effects International Inc., the recognized industry leader in faux and decorative finishes, Faux Effects® products are a complete line of water based products from primers to topcoats engineered to work with ordinary latex paints.


These advanced technology products provide consistently slower drying times, allowing maximum workability. And their water based formulation ensures easy cleanup and environmental friendliness.

The Tools And the Techniques!

Our installed base of Faux Effects® Retailers, conveniently located throughout the country, are accomplished faux finishing and decorative painting studios, offering a wealth of real world knowledge and technical support. Each studio offers workshops that will show you how to use our glazes, crackles, stains, and stone to produce a wide range of finishes from faux stone, brick, leather and easy marbles, to some of the hottest decorative and fantasy finishes on the market today. No more struggling with unclear directions and uncooperative materials; learn from the pros using professional grade products how to achieve consistently spectacular  results every time with ease, and in far less time.

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